Alpaca is the softest, warmest lightweight fiber you will ever work with and wear. From exquisite yarns and extremely soft roving in vibrant colors to knitting kits that will delight all ages and levels of expertise. All yarn and roving is hand dyed.

Blossom Buddies Knitting Kit
Baby Buddies Knitting Kit
Baby Buddies Knitting Kit
Needle Felting Kit

Knitting Kit

From our baby to yours. These knitting kits make an adorable hat and booties. Since alpaca is hypoallergenic, soft and warm it is perfect for babies. Each kit is a different color scheme which will fit any occasion. Whether a beginner or established knitter, these kits are for you. Complete with everything except knitting needles.


Knitting Kit Type
7/8 Ounce Bumps
1 Ounce Bumps


Our roving is cylindrically wound into 1 ounce bumps and 7/8 ounce bumps. It is 100% American grown and processed. Our hand dyed colors are rich and vibrant while our naturals are soft and  warm. Our roving is great for spinning, felting, jewelry making and fiber artists.

Colors available: Electric Lemon, Island Blue, Salmon, Mallard Green, Tanzanian, Stormy Gray, Shamrock Green, Black, Peony, Pink, Butterscotch

$22 for any color combo of four 1 ounce bumps

Select four colors

$34 for any one 7/8 ounce bump

Select one color
Summertime Blues
Bikini Red
Summer Orchid
Maui Dreamin
Bombay Blue
Cotton Candy
Iceblue Crystal
Bombay Crystal
Sparkling Merlot


Our yarn is hand sorted, washed and dehaired. Our skeins come in 200 yard lengths (needle size 3–5) and 250 yard lengths (needle size 7–9). Our skeins are hand dyed, 100% American grown and processed. 

Colors available for 200 yards: Summertime Blues, Buttercup, Bikini Red, Summer Orchid, Maui Dreamin, Bombay Blue, Cinnabar, Cotton Candy

Colors available for 250 yards: Ice Blue Crystal, Bombay Crystal, Sea Glass, Sparkling Merlot

$16 for 200 yards


$20 for 250 yards


*Not everyone can wear natural animal fiber.

Alpacas are a true renewal resource.