white alpaca laying in a green grass field with blue sky


Welcome to the world of alpaca “where soft never had it so good”.  

Alpaca is one of the world’s finest and luxurious fibers. Stronger, lighter and warmer than wool, alpaca has a natural resin which protects it from aging and soiling, and makes it resistant to water, wrinkling, staining and odor. Since alpaca is lanolin free, it is more hypoallergenic than other fibers. Its smooth structure eliminates the “prickle” factor often found in wool; it feels so soft and comfortable next to the skin.

Wear alpaca and make a statement at your next board meeting, shopping trip, date night or special event. Dressy or casual, alpaca is all you need!

Please enjoy my collection of unique sweaters, coats, shawls, socks and accessories, and let me help you choose the perfect pieces for you or a special someone.

Be prepared to fall in love…a love that lasts for all seasons!