Winters are a lot easier to bear with the warmth of an alpaca scarf. Offered in a variety of colors and styles, treat yourself to the fashionable comfort of alpaca.

Cream Cable Knit Scarf
Turquoise Cable Knit Scarf

Cable Knit Scarf

A soft, warm and durable Alpaca scarf with a cable design. Approximately 70″ long and 7″ wide. Hand wash in cold water with baby shampoo. Lay flat to dry. 

Colors available: Cream, Turquoise, Black, Periwinkle


Gray/Black, Red/Purple and Blue/Black Diamond Scarf

Diamond Scarf

Be stylish, warm and ready for the fall chill in the air with soft, warm hand knit alpaca scarves in beautiful colors. Approximately 66″ (before fringe) by 8.5″. Handwash and lay flat to dry.

Colors available: Gray/Black, Blue/Black, Red/Purple 


Gray/navy houndstooth Baby Alpaca Dress Scarf
Black/periwinkle houndstooth Baby Alpaca Dress Scarf
Pink/black houndstooth Baby Alpaca Dress Scarf
Burgundy Baby Alpaca Dress Scarf
Gray and Blue Plaid Dress Scarf

Baby Alpaca Dress Scarf

Super soft, warm, versatile and lightweight. Approximately 74″ long and 12″ wide. Dry clean only.   

Colors available: Black/periwinkle houndstooth, Gray/navy houndstooth, Pink/black houndstooth, Burgundy, Gray and Blue Plaid


Pink Ana Scarf
Blue Ana Scarf alpaca
Blue Ana Scarf
Burgundy Ana Scarf alpaca
Burgundy Ana Scarf

Ana Scarf

This is a reversible, hand embroidered dress scarf. Warm and versatile. Dry clean only.     

Colors available: Pink, Blue, Burgundy


Shanti Scarf
Green Shanti Scarf
Burgundy Shanti Scarf

Shanti Scarf

100% baby Alpaca, hand dyed in a variegated color pattern. Light weight and ready to wear. Hand wash cold and lay flat to dry.

Colors available: Blue, Green, Burgundy



*Not everyone can wear natural animal fiber.

Bellasera Alpaca Fashions offers beautiful items that are soft, warm and easy to wear. Catherine has a talent for color draping so every piece compliments the woman wearing it.

-Iris B