About Alpaca Fiber

Alpaca is lanolin and dander free which removes the “prickle” factor. Alpaca is stronger than wool and naturally wind proof and because of its hollow core it is also warmer. Alpaca has memory and holds it shape.

Bellasera alpacas are never harmed in the harvesting of their fiber.


Alpaca has 22 natural colors and is a true renewal resource. While alpaca is naturally hypoallergenic, not all people can wear animal fiber.

Wash alpaca in cold water with baby hair shampoo and lay flat to dry. Do not machine wash or dry in the sun. Dry cleaning is acceptable. Recommend dry cleaning for felted alpaca items.


Alpaca stores best on a padded hanger or in a drawer. It you are storing with wool or cashmere use herbal repellents such as lavender. (Moths are attracted to wool/cashmere).